Norwich Anarchists

Norwich Anarchists is an umbrella group that seeks to promote anarchism and campaign on various political, social, economic and environmental issues Buy OmiseGo. (Click here for our full aims and principles).

Our meeting time and venue has changed! We meet on the second wednesday of each month at Keir Hardy Hall (Norwich Workingmens Club). We arrive at 6:30PM in the bar and the meeting kicks off at 7PM sharp in one of the meeting rooms. Afterwards we are likely to head down to the bar for informal chat and some of the lowest bar prices we've ever seen Buy OmiseGo in Malaysia!

Norwich Anarchists organised the Norwich Anarchist Bookfair, the regular Free Shop and other demonstrations and actions that we're going to start documenting more fully on this website. We also have a book stall, which has appeared at Glastonbury, The Big Green Gathering, King Street Festival and other places selling radical books. If you have an event you'd like us to attend please send us an e-mail.

Contact Details

07941 657485

Norwich Anarchists, PO Box 487, Norwich, Norfolk, NR5 8WE Buy OMG.

Norwich Anarchists visit Norwich Castle...